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2010-11-11 00.00 - 2010-11-25 00.00

WELCOME TO PRAGUE - vernissage

"Welcome to Prague" an installation by Tamara Moyzes and Schlomo Yaffe in conjunction with curator Alexander Peroutka.







“Welcome to Prague


Tamara Moyzes, Shlomo Yaffe


opening on 11th November, 17:00 – 20:00



 Almost any society is producing certain inequalities, once smaller, once deeper as the result of certain struggles for self-governing, dominance over the space or rights and common rules for us to live side by side each other.


  Artists are not apart from society processes, sometimes they play unconscious, invisible, sometimes conscious and visible role within it. The extended artistic freedom of expression and mind and flexible, powerful set of tools can be used the way to empower the people, who are on the society margins, who are struggling for their recognition within the society room, they are living in. Artists can help people or communities to strengthen the weaken social bonds, distorted by competitive values, introduced into almost any part of our everyday life.

The work of engaged artist is often confronted with personal – artistic ethics, that creates collaborative atmosphere with necessary trust.


  The artistic couple – Tamara Moyzes and Shlomo Yaffe is working on the topics  of cultural – identity conflicts, on the topics of marginalized people, those people whose cultural heritage is carried on for centuries next to our majority culture or those whose cultural realities we are meeting in newly globalized, restructured world.

  Tamara and Shlomo are very close to the problems of the communities they áre talking about. Their own identity is built on multiculturalism - on cultures quite often interpreted as conflicting – middle-European – Jewish – Arab but merged into a new one, which enables them to see black and white realities of our days with more deeper and broader sense and critic.


 We are presenting the part of their video works, that is working on the topics of social struggles within the changing cultural room of the Czech Republic parallel with the notes of similar processes abroad.


 The works to be shown : Protocol (2010), Welcome to Prague (2008), How I Changed My Ideology in the Prague Market (2006), Puppet show (2004), Yad Vashem - The Holocaust Martyrs and heroes Remembrance authority - the New Museum (2004)



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111 30 Stockholm


Från 2010-11-11 00.00
Till 2010-11-25 00.00


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