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2019-11-17 14.00

Velvet Run

For dissidents who worked in boiler rooms. For artists who created without publishing. For emigrants who fought beyond the country borders. For students who rang the keys in the streets. For all those who showed heroism and stood up to injustice and oppression, who did not give up. No matter who your heroes are. Just be inspired by their perseverance, toughness and overcoming oneself and run with us to the streets of Stockholm.

The short run is organized primarily for Czechs living in Sweden, but not only for them. Their partners, friends and loved ones are also invited to show that freedom needs to be looked after. We appreciate that we can travel freely around the world, and we will never stop be cease to be grateful for being welcomed in Sweden, yet we still feel connected to our home and our heritage. As ambassadors of the Czech image, we want to continue to take care of the ties we have with the rest of Europe, which allow us to transcend not only national borders but also our own.

All generations are invited to put on sneakers and to walk or run with us. Together in the digital space, we will create a picture of the Czech national flag, which will point out that we care about freedom, and not only the freedom of movement. The final running time is not essential, the purpose is to show esteem to people who had to fight for respect, honor, and life in the previous regime.

Decide how you get involved:
1. Run as fast as you can.
2. Run, but without the ambition to win.
3. It is important to attend! Walking pace, with a stroller, on a scooter – just move!



When? Sunday 17 November between 13:30 and 14:00.


Where? Our meeting point is “Domeček” by the Czech Embassy. All runners/walkers will be able to change, leave their belongings there during the run. Do not worry, a Czech Centre Team member will be present to watch over your things.


More information for runners? For all active participants, we prepared small gift connected to 17 November. Before and after the run/walk, hot beverages and small refreshments will be available. In the case of emergency, the pacers will carry a medical kit - but remember that everyone runs at their own risk.


In the case of bad weather, we will organize a fika and you will get the chance to see the unique exhibition Velvet Effect in “Domeček.” The capacity is limited.



Villagatan 21


2019-11-17 14.00


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