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2004-03-25 00.00 - 2004-04-16 00.00

Tjeckisk och slovakisk exil

Den 25 mars kl 18:00 kommer invigs på Tjeckiska centret utställningen Tjeckisk och slovakisk exil. Utställningen är den första delen av ett större projekt organiserat av Sällskap för kultur och dialog K2001 och inriktar sig på perioden 1900-1955.

Czech and Slovak Exile of the 20th century


The topic of Czech and Slovak exile forms an inseparable part of modern history of Czech and Slovak republics. Even though it is a strong issue and penetrates throughout the 20th century, some of its aspects are still considered a “blank space” in the histories of both nations. For older generation, exile is somehow linked together with the communist regime, young generation perceives exile as something distant, obscure and alien. In addition, the issue is complicated with the problematic relationship of the Czech and Slovak republics towards their exiles, who often do not understand their native countries’ distance and seldom come back.


The subject of Czech and Slovak exile offers several important questions to be asked: Who were and are the Czechs and Slovaks in exile? What political circumstances provoked their exodus from the country? What were the differences between particular groups of exile during the 20th century? Where did the exiles go and what were the beginnings of their new lives in new countries like? What activities did they pursue and how did they manage to win recognition there?


The Association for culture and dialogue K2001, a registered charity, attempts to answer at least partially some of these questions. The project’s goal is above all to open given topic for discussion, not at all to cover it thoroughly. It is obvious that such a wide subject can be treated only incompletely and its problems and topics can be only outlined. Therefore association K2001 needs to stress that the project Czech and Slovak exile of the 20th century only opens some of the doors to leave room for future analysis, studies and Art forms dealing with the subject. The project is focusing on political exile only, i.e. involuntary leaving of the country on the basis of political beliefs and persecution, not on defection from economic or other reasons. Because the issue is very broad, the project must be divided into several parts.


Current exhibition – period 1900 – 1955 (part I)

·          exile since 1900: Czechoslovak legions, T.G.Masaryk, R. Štefánik, E. Beneš, French Generals Maurice Pellé, Louis Eugene Faucher, gen. Mittelhauser, Julien Flipo, history of Czechoslovak Company Nazdar co-founded in France by the President Masaryk

·          history of Czechoslovak soldier cemeteries La Targette, Neuville St. Vaast, Pas de Calais and other such cemeteries

·          emigration/defection during the economy crisis – 1930’s

·          emigration/defection in 1936-1945

·          post-war emigration/defection, Czech exile in Russia

·          emigration/defection after the 1948 rise of Communism until 1950’s


Following parts are under preparation – period 1955 – 1968 (part II)

·          this part will partly come back to the first period, which extends over 35 years of the Czechoslovak state

·          emigration/defection from 1955 until 1968


period 1968 until today (part III)

·          emigration/defection after the Soviet occupation in 1968

·          emigration/defection of the 1980’s


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