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2011-09-28 - 2011-10-11

Solidaritet 68

Utställningen Svensk - Tjeckoslovakisk solidaritet 1968 äger rum i samarbete med Tjeckiska och Slovakiska ambassaden i Sverige. Utställningen representerar tidsdokument som bevittnar svensk solidaritet med det okuperade Tjeckoslovakien. Utställningen varar t.o.m. 11 oktober 2011.

For a considerable part of the 20th century, Czechoslovakia had been controlled by non-democratic, totalitarian regimes which often did not hesitate to use all kinds of means – including brutal force – against their own people. In Sweden, where many Czechs and Slovaks found new homes, such oppression, be it after 1938, 1948 or 1968, invariably stirred feelings of solidarity in both political and civic circles and gave rise to numerous concrete gestures of encouragement and support.

The project called “Swedish–Czechoslovak Solidarity 1968-1989” is framed by the last period of communist rule and seeks to contribute to the understanding of what was happening in Sweden in reaction to the political situation in then Czechoslovakia. It will culminate by several events held in Stockholm on September 27, 2011, including two panel debates and an exhibition. The core idea is to bring together those in Sweden who, in one or another way, expressed their disagreement with the political developments in Czechoslovakia and helped to raise solidarity with, and provide assistance to the pro-democratic movement in the country. Among them were politicians, journalists, diplomats, scholars or artists, along with civic activists; both Swedes and representatives of the Czechoslovak exile.

In panel debates, some of these “actors” will be sharing their memories, as well as more general reflections, of that period. And all are invited to write down personal accounts of their activities to be published as a “samizdat” background document for the debates. But while the retrospective is the main focus, the project at the same time seeks to draw some lessons from the past, in particular with view of the current developments in regions like Eastern Europe, Middle East or North Africa. Besides, September 27 will offer several possibilities to meet and mingle, for instance at the exhibition, during the lunch at the Czech Embassy or at the closing reception. And last but not least, it is seen as an opportunity to thank all those who took active part in the above efforts, including those who are no longer among us. 

Jan Kára, Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Sweden

Peter Kmec, Ambassador of Slovakia to Sweden


Villagatan 21, Box 261 56, 100 41 Stockholm


Från 2011-09-28
Till 2011-10-11


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