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2003-09-04 00.00 - 2003-10-03 00.00

Signs are science

Signs are science (Vernissage 4/9 kl 18-20) "Signs are science" är en retrospektiv utställning av konstnär Jiří Bartůněks verk under åren 1993-2002.


The exhibition “SIGNS ARE SCIENCE” of the artist Jiří Bartůněk, who works in the “Ústí artistic circle” based in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic, is a retrospective display of works created in between 1993 and 2002. This retrospective should draw attention to the specific (but not general) features of Bartůněk’s works: the semiotic nature of presentation appearing as reduction and “object-oriented” expression as well as “quoting” conventionally known signs and symbols in pictures and whole cycles.

Constant experimentation in materials is characteristic of Bartůněk’s artefacts: the works include natural as well as artificial materials (horsehair, wax, appliqués) and, as a base, canvas, fibreboard, or fabrics stitched together. Certain conservatism can perhaps only be seen in the fact that, with some exceptions (round pictures of the “Slow Calligraphy”), the artist remained faithful to the traditional orthogonal picture format. As for the content, in the period in question Bartůněk moved from “personal mythology” confronting intimate impulses with universal cosmic course of events, to sharp artistic wit reflecting satirically the relation between man and woman and between love and society, and on to pronounced political and social criticism, expressing also his opinion on the issue of the population’s relation to contemporary and present-day art. As for the form, the artist abandoned subjectively coloured, disharmonious dramatic style to make his expression clearer and more transparent, touching on disinterested, “objective” sign-painter’s expression. The work in cycles and also the combinations and variations of these cycles have shown in terms of the content in the choice and repetition of themes (woman and man, love and society, originality of a work of art, discerning reflection of the majority society’s relation to the present-day art, etc.) and signs or symbols (political and ideological symbols as well as those of social images, rhombus, etc.). A significant principle of Bartůněk’s works is the “theme” at the border of form and content – intertextuality through which the artist comments on the stock of fine arts from their classical form to the contemporary and present-day form.

Jaroslav Balvín j.


Born 1946 in Teplicích Acknowledgement: Faculty of Education, Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem Lives and works in Ústí nad Labem, works as proffessor and head of Art Cathedra on a Faculty of Education, Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem

Some Selected Exhibitions

1991 „Obrazy“, Galerie Emilla Filly, Ústí nad Labem

1992 „Obrazy“, St. Lars Gallery Lund, Švédsko

„Obrazy“, Die Treppe Gallery Nürtingen, Německo

1994 „Obrazy 1999- 1994“, Galerie moderního umění, Roudnice nad Labem

1997 „Obrazy 1991- 1997“, Státní galerie výtvarného umění, Most

2002 „Janeinwessnicht“, České centrum v Mnichově, Německo

2003 „Signs are Science“, Korsor Kunstforening, Korsor, Dánsko

Some Selected Collective Exhibitions

1991 „Internationale Ex libris“, Westrijd, Dánsko

1992 „The world Ex libris Artists Exhibition“, Saporo, Japonsko

1997 „Jitro kouzelníků “, Veletržní palác, Národní galerie, Praha

1999 „Umění pro nemocnici“, Galerie V. Špály, Praha

1999 „Obyčejné pohádky“, Galerie u Bílého jednorožce, Klatovy

Galerie Emilla Filly, Ústí nad Labem

1999 „II. Zlínský salón“, Výstavní síň u škol, Zlín

1999 „Ostrava- Ústí, Ústí- Ostrava“, Galerie Jáma 10, Ostrava

2000 „Aufbruch zu neuen Ufern“, Kunstbahnhof Herrnhut, Německo


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