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2012-10-27 - 2012-12-13


Utställningen SYNERGIA I visas i både Prag och Helsingfors och består av ett antal verk av elever från Bildkonstakademin i Helsingfors och Academy of Fine Arts i Prag. Utställningen visar upp en bredd av verk inom områdena nya medier, måleri, installation och skulptur.

De utställande konstnärerna är:


Anni Anttonen, utställningskurator: „I utställningen ser vi hur studenterna har påverkats i sina verk av sin utbytestid i båda länderna, och den viktiga inspiration de tar med sig tillbaka till efter sin utbytesvistelse.”

Utställningen pågår i Helsingfors 27.10.–11.12.2012. (Adress: Kaikukatu 4, Helsingfors, Finland) och i Prag 27. 11. - 13. 12. 2012 (Adress: U Akademie 4, Prag, Tjeckien)

Det Tjeckiska konstnärerna som deltar i utställningen är:

Sylva Březnová (1984) studerar skulptur vid Academy of Fine Arts i Prag och har under 2011 vistats i Helsingfors och studerat skulptur för professor Villu Jaanisoo.

Her work is mainly focused on human figures in various different contexts.  The purity of the shapes within her creations is very important to her, also the use of components of symbolism and bizarre atmospheres.  Sylva Březnová is usually inspired by photos of newspapers and self-made photos, and also very much by nature, curious personal experiences and by her personal strong feelings about her surrounding world. She works mostly with human body and anatomical studies, but the interested for abstract forms and shapes are very strong too.“

Klára Pernicová (född 1985), studerar för Milan Knížák på Academy of Fine Arts i Prag, var under 2010 i Helsingfors och studerade där för professor Villu Jaanisoo.

”I am interested in art because it has potential to make things get rid of their finality (if possible) in a human point of view. Adults are usually too experienced and they automatically expect everything to be the same as usually. Although an unexperienced person or the one with a different experience could analyse the same thing in a totally different way. I would like to unsettle people in their judgements at least for a little while. Or even to provoke them to an alternative explanation of reality.

I observe the world around me and then I try to explain how I understand it. I do that in a visual way and and I find using video and objects suitable for this purpose. I do not create anything new, I only make a small modification of common things. I look for a definition of each thing and the borders where that thing is still what it really is (although it already looks somehow different). http://pernicova.org/ “

Ivan Svoboda (född 1980) studerade fam till 2007 på Academy of Fine Arts i Prag för proffesor Hendrych, M.Šejn och J. Příhoda. Under 2004 studerade han i Helsingfors flör professor Jyrki Sjukonena.

“I have been exclusively working in the medium of video and video installation since 2006. In 2012 my interest has been drawn more to the medium-sized photography.

My videos combine elements and approaches of documentary film and narrative story-telling. Thematically I address the issues of a man, home, city, routine, habits etc. The spine of my videos is formed by texts appearing in video at the beginning of it or as guidelines running throughout  the whole piece. In 2010 I introduced to my videos a new feature – back projection which brings to the video a further time or space line. Currently I use the similar feature also in photography when at the same time I shoot the projection and real environment and their „logical“ relation becomes the result of the treated  subject matter.http://www.ivansvoboda.net/ “

Kaikukatu 4, 00530 Helsinki, U Akademie 4, Praha

Från 2012-10-27
Till 2012-12-13


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