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2003-12-13 00.00 - 00.00


Barockensemblen Ritornello (Beata Pecháčková, Jan Mikušek, Tomáš Najbrt, Michael Pospíšil) presenterar traditionell tjeckisk julmusik. Fri entré men begränsat antal platser.


The chamber ensemble Ritornello *) specialises in the music of the 16th-18th centuries. The composition of the ensemble varies with the type of programme, but the core consists of 2-3 musicians who often play more than one instrument and conduct research in the sources (editions of music, hymnology, organ studies etc.). The ensemble seeks to rescue music from the limiting category of “serious” music and put it back where it belongs among basic human needs, as a universal language of communication using small and the smallest musical forms (song, dance) in their elegance and in their rawness: like a Baroque-Romantic “Return”. Historical instruments and their faithful replicas (lute, theorbo, Baroque guitar, hurdy-gurdy, Renaissance pipes, Baroque pipes, chest organ, cornetts and dulcian (curtal), Renaissance trombones, shawms, chalumeaux, recorders and fistulas, violas da braccio and da gamba, Baroque violins, drums etc..), historic forms of tuning and temperament, original playing and singing techniques, are used to bring the old world closer, and work with texts and sources to deepen our insight into it. Different types of programme are devoted to different historical genres: church music, household music, dance, street, tower (fanfares), feast music....Apart from concert appearances the ensemble plays in church services, at exhibition openings, receptions, literary programmes, conferences, for film shoots and so on.

 *) Ritornello (from the Italian tornare = returne, ri- = again, -llo = diminutive) means  "return)", repetition of a small part, refrain, simple intermezzo, played or sung. This simple morphogenic technique typical for music of the Early Baroque and Mannerism is signal of the mutual disconnection of vocal and instrumental music. Its main features are concision, memorability, a catchiness that leads easily to repetition, joining in, continuation. What a host of meanings in a term for Return!


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2003-12-13 00.00 - 00.00


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