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2004-01-22 00.00 - 2004-03-12 00.00

Jag & Tjeckiska republiken

(Vernissage 22/1 kl 18-20) På utställningen visas de prisbelönade verken från tävlingen mellan tjeckiska designstudenter Já & Česká republika/The Czech Republic & Me. Tävlingen är en del av Tjeckiska centras långvariga projekt CzechIdea vars avsikt är att presentera Tjeckien utomlands.

The Czech Republic  & Me


The CzechDesign Project and the competition the Czech Republic & Me have been organized by the Czech Centre Administration as a part of the long-term CzechIdea Project to support the presentation of the Czech Republic abroad. The aim of this project is to show a personal approach to the individual perception of the Czech identity and to discover how young people feel about the Czech Republic and how they would like to present it to the world. The CzechDesign project also seeks to compare the perception of the Czech Republic by the young generation both from the outside and the inside. This will be achieved by extending this project to foreign students through the Czech Centre network. There are countries which have built their image on historical traditions, others have built it on the beauty of their natural environment or economic development. What is the potential of the Czech Republic? What properties, values and identity can be covered under the trademark of our country? What new image does the Czech Republic need for the new millennium?


The students were to answer these and other questions by free-form graphic works on the open subject The Czech Republic & Me. The students were to imagine the Czech Republic as a trademark which would compete in the global market against other countries and their trademarks. The format was to be such as could be used practically for presenting the country abroad. The results of the competition were adjudged by a jury of design and visual communication experts, academics, employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, and the organizers. This project is intended to open a public as well as professional discussion on the present image of the Czech Republic abroad and to show the attributes with which the young generation associate this country. The Czech centre administration would like to thank Rostislav Vaňek and Jan Meisner for the realization of this project and for their cooperation.


Jan Bondy,

Director, The Czech Centre Administration  



I welcomed the project of the Czech Centre Administration to express our relationship to the Czech Republic artistically. I was looking forward to working on it with my students. I had no idea, however, what kind of trouble I was getting myself into. The works I encountered during the first consultations were more or less witty, but mostly sarcastic. During the discussion, I realized that the students associate their country with politicians, scandals in the Parliament and the Senate, collapses of financial institutions, etc., i.e., mostly with negative images. My clumsy explanations of the phenomena “homeland, home, my home village or town, roots, etc.” didn’t find a fertile ground. The students argument was based on the theme “personal relationship to the Czech Republic”. Therefore, I decided on a compromise. I accept personal testimony even though it may not be complimentary; on the other hand, the aim is to produce a version which would represent our country in a positive manner. I don’t think the sponsors of the competition intend to promote the Czech Republic abroad by dwelling on the negative sides of the country. Please be kind when evaluating the exhibited results. These are the works of artists who are only just preparing for their professional career.


Jan Meisner

Head of the graphic Design Departement, Faculty of Multimedia Communication, Tomáš Baťa University, Zlín             


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111 30 Stockholm


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