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27.10.2012 18:45 - 7.11.2012 18:00

Ján Mančuška - Reverse Play

As part of the exhibition The audience is the mother of self-invention, an ambitious weekly series of performance-based events and short-lived exhibitions by Swedish and international artists, curators, filmmakers, and musicians that will begin each Saturday at Index- The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation (Stockholm), Ján Mančuška (b. 1972-2011, SK) is presenting the filmic version of his theatre performance "Reverse Play" (2008).

 Mančuška’s practice is concerned with the examination of mechanisms of perception, understanding, and memory. By performing various interventions in and to the space as well as by means of individual works, be they in the form of text, picture, or film, he succeeded in permanently forcing open the space-time structure. In the process, he included the visitor’s movement in the exhibition – nothing less than a choreography. Many of Mančuška’s works operate with such a forcing open of linear order and are arranged so that they have to be viewed a number of times. The perception of his works is constantly influenced by the viewer’s individual decision with respect to how he or she behaves toward the work in the space. In the theatrical performance Reverse Play the relation between the story and the action is disjointed. Taking place is the story narrated by an actor in the audience, but the scenic action follows the opposite direction

Místo konání:

Index, Kungsbro strand 19, Stockholm


Od: 27.10.2012 18:45
Do: 7.11.2012 18:00


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